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Gardners Bay Distillery Eximious Gin

The Eximious Gin is a beautifully limited first release by our new family business Gardners Bay Distillery. Made in a classic style, we use purified filtered Tasmanian rain water to secure premium delicate flavours and a smooth lingering finish.

Gardners Bay Distillery are committed to making gin the way gin used to be made, by a one-shot distillation in a traditional copper pot still. The beautiful still, Gracie, was commissioned to Peter Bailey of Hobart Tasmania. Copper is essential to the distillation process as the chemical reaction results in a softer and smoother spirit (find out more).



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About this Gin
  • Limited edition first release, 318 bottles only.
  • 40% ALC/VOL
  • Available in 700ml & 200ml bottles.
Our family loves to make good.

Born and bred in the Huon Valley, Gardners Bay Distillery is owned by Edwina Cummings, (daughter of Rob and Anthea Patterson from Hartzview Vineyard).

A love for the land and thoughtfully made product has always been part of our dinner table conversation.

We truly have a family heritage of careful small batch production.

We use filtered; purified Tasmanian rain water directly sourced from our family property in Gardners Bay. Eximious has delicate flavours with a smooth lingering finish resulting from carefully selected botanicals.

We distil using purified filtered, rain water sourced from our family property in Gardners Bay, Tasmania.

Cocktail Recipe

Bee’s Knees Cocktail

– 30ml Gardners Bay Distillery Eximious Gin
– 15ml Hartzview Spiced Apple Mead Liqueur
– Top up with Finger Lime Soda
– Add fresh fresh mint for garnish.

Gardners Bay Distillery Eximious Gin 700ml