Spiced Apple and Honey Liqueur Mead

100% Preservative and additive free!
Long life is achieved by the 18% alc/vol.

A blend of premium Tasmanian honey,
apples and cloves, cinnamon
resulting in a rich luscious creamy Honey Mead.

Unlike many Meads our mead is not excessively sweet, but
well balanced with apple and spices and delicious after dinner.

Available in:

500ml Decanter bottle $45 (Limited Italian Decanter)

500ml Screwcap $32

Display Gift Box 500ml Decanter $58

Display Gift Box 500ml Decanter with 2 Hartzview Glasses $78

200ml $23

Display Gift Box 200ml Mead $30

40ml $10

Dessert Recipe "Banana Mead Crunch" on Recipe web page

Ideal dessert wine for the gourmet cook
Serve with hot apple strudel or cheese platters 
Also fabulous as a marinade