Hartzview Café Open everyday 10am-5pm (Except Christmas day)

Lunch Bookings recommended: Phone 62951623               



Lunch served all day



Combined Vineyard  & Cheese Platter

$24.00 for one ($45.00 for two)

A delicious array of  dips, sliced turkey breast, ham, local relish, Tasmanian premium smoked salmon, marinated olives, local bush dust, Tasmanian Cheeses, Grandvewe Pinot Paste garnished with garden salad, with tangy honey mustard dressing, and  freshly made bread and crackers. ( Gluten Free available…….please ask)


Trio of Cheeses

 $20.00 for one ($38 for two)

Three premium Tassie cheeses served with Pinot Paste, fresh apple, dates and Tasmanian walnuts served with crackers and fresh bread.

Premium Salmon Crepe (Gluten Free)


Warm crepe filled with premium Tasmanian smoked salmon dressed with sour cream, chive and capers and served with fresh garden salad.

Warm Country Style Quiche

Pumpkin or Quiche Lorraine


Country style quiche served with relish along side a hearty seasonal salad.



Ploughman’s Platter  $22.00 

 Leg ham, cheese kransky, pickled onion, antipasto and Ashgrove Bush Pepper Cheese, Tasmanian red pepper chutney and served with Hartzview home-made herb bread.

Smoked Salmon Draped Avocado $23.00

Premium Tasmanian smoked salmon draped over an avocado half on a mango, basil & sweet chilli sauce and served with fresh garden salad. (Gluten Free)

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Gourmet Pie $24.50

Slow roasted pork cooked with local apples, apple cider, onion & garlic in deep dish short crust base with puff pastry top served with fresh garden salad.

Thai Chicken Curry (Mild) Gourmet pie $24.50

Tender chicken cooked in mild red curry, coconut, kaffir lime leaves and onion. served with a Thai style salad and Thai dressing.

Rosemary Lamb Filo $23.50

Tender pieces of lamb in a rosemary gravy wrapped in filo pastry. Served with Tasmanian red pepper chutney and a fresh garden salad

Chicken Filo  $23.00

Chicken breast fillet filled with a mango & macadamia nut sauce wrapped in filo pastry and served with a fresh seasonal salad.


Childrens Menu 


Toasted Ham and cheese sandwhich

Party Pies served with  salad.

Sausage Rolls served with  salad

Ham & Pineapple Pizza

Childrens meal option


Includes any of the above and ice-cream with topping for dessert.



Warm Dutch Apple Slice

Served with thick cream

Sticky Date Pudding

Served with warm butterscotch sauce and cream

Citrus Tart

Served with thick cream

Devonshire Tea   $12.00

Two large locally baked date or plain scones served with strawberry jam and cream and tea or coffee of choice

 Or Option of one large scone, jam, cream and tea or coffee    $9.00

Luscious Liqueur Desserts


Raspberry Chocolate Stack 

Chocolate biscuits dipped in Hartzview Raspberry liqueur, layered with cream and drizzled with Raspberry coulis and fruit.


Brandy Snaps

Crisp rolled gingerbread wafers filled with whipped cream and served with ice cream, and drizzed with Hartzview Raspberry Liqueur

Choc Walnut and Jaffa Brownie

Served warmed with whipped cream and ice cream,  drizzled with Hartzview Cassis

Tiramasu Cheesecake

Delicious cheesecake served with whipped cream, Blackheart cherries and a splash of Hartzview Blackcurrant Liqueur 

Blueberry Brulee Cheesecake

A generous slice of baked blueberry cheesecake served with whipped cream, raspberry coulis and blueberries marinated in Hartzview Blueberry Liqueur

Black Forest Delight

Ice cream, chocolate cake drizzled well with Cherry liqueur, layered with pitted marinated cherries,  cream, cake and topped with choc topping and grated chocolate.

Banana Mead Honeycomb Crunch

 Ice cream, layered with chopped banana and pieces choc honeycomb and cream and drizzled with Mead, topped with banana and honeycomb.

Mixed berry Crush

Ice cream, layered with crushed meringue, Mixed berries, cream and drizzled with Blueberry liqueur,  topped with berries, meringue, cream and raspberry topping.


Cherry Liqueur Affogato

 Served separately for you to combine: Vanilla Ice cream, Espresso and Hartzview Cherry Liqueur

Specialty Coffee and Hot Chocolates


Hazelnut Hot Chocolate $6.00 - Mocha $6.50


Vanilla Cream Hot Chocolate $6.00 - Mocha $6.50


Iced Chocolate $6.00   Iced Coffee$6.50


Hartzview Liqueur Affogato

Cherry Liqueur , premium expresso and vanilla icecream





Hot Chocolate $4.00 ( Mug $4.50)


English Breakfast

French Earl Grey


Assorted Herbal Teas (Salamanca Blend-Green tea, Chamomile, Peppermint and more)


Combine Vineyard Platter

Trio of Cheese

Premium Salmon Crepe

Gourmet Pies and Salad

Ploughman’s Platter

Smoked Salmon Draped Avocado


Rosemary Lamb Filo

Warm Dutch Apple Slice

Citrus Tart

Rosé Sorbet

Raspberry Chocolate Stack

Brandy Snaps

Choc Walnut and Jaffa Brownie

 Blueberry Brulee Cheesecake